There's No Place Like Working From Home


As somebody who has worked from home for eight years, I thought I knew it all…or at least enough… about how to be productive, effective and happy working from my home office. Boy was I wrong! Elaine Quinn has a clear, concise, and often witty approach which opened my mind to ideas that I never would have come up with on my own. Fun to read and informative, this book needs to be the next book you read on how to grow your business from the comfort of your own home! I recommend it highly!” – Kathy Werhan


There's No Place Like Working From HomeElaine Quinn has written a fantastic resource for those dealing with the challenges of working from home. Clearly written in the tone of a friendly coach, she covers various aspects of becoming organized, staying motivated, and getting work done–including managing the physical environment as well as one’s time. Her advice on perfectionism, procrastination, and structuring one’s day is especially useful.” -LS


There's No Place Like Working From HomeThis book was smartly written with the solopreneur in mind, and the chapters are filled with real-life advice.

The advice is told with a solopreneur slant. And many times, there are multiple methods to get at one thing–which I like since sometimes a particular method doesn’t work for me.

What I probably like best about the book are the psychological barriers confronted and the cadre to solutions to quell them” -LC


There's No Place Like Working From HomeCrisply written and on point, Quinn provides insights into the whole working at home piece. Going beyond the “file everything after you read it” basics, she addresses issues like how to stay motivated and how to combat feelings of isolation – problems people setting up home businesses may not expect to encounter. Also very helpful and nothing I’ve found elsewhere was the information on computer organization. This is something that’s always overlooked which can have profound effect on productivity. This is an excellent resource for independent operators.” -CG


There's No Place Like Working From HomeA home-based business has distinct advantages, with convenience and economy topping the list. But the day-to-day reality of working from home is another story. As much as I’ve benefitted from and enjoyed my home office, making it work is not easy, and I have often found myself weighing the alternatives. Along comes Elaine Quinn’s book. It contains good organizational ideas, but I’m already fairly well organized, so for me, the real value of this book was in Part II: Stay Motivated. There I found a wealth of ideas to help create and sustain enthusiasm for the “journey,” and the freedom to easily pick and choose from among these ideas as the need or inclination arises.” -Diane L. Dassow


There's No Place Like Working From HomeYou will learn new techniques to apply to your solo business by reading Elaine Quinn’s new book. For 25 years I have been an entrepreneur and solo professional. I have my business systems firmly in place. But Elaine has shown me new ideas and processes. I have implemented several and have seen an increase in my personal productivity. If I can learn and apply new thoughts from this book, how valuable will it be to those of you just beginning your solo professional journey.” K. Edward Bakker


There's No Place Like Working From HomeIt sounds so easy. “Oh I am going to work from home.” Then you work from home. It is not so easy. You really do need a skill set to be successful working from home.

Elaine Quinn teaches you exactly what you need to know. Her book is easy to read, understand and you can easily implement her suggestions. Her book is not filled with lofty and unobtainable information.

I especially liked Quinn’s suggestions for organizing your computer. She makes a great point that many of us were taught how to organize physical files but not many of us have been taught how to organize our computer files!

Even if you have been working from home for awhile, this book is a great quick reference. It also inspires you to organize systems you may have let slip over the years.

This is a great book.”-LN