What’s so great about working from home?

You can…

Be Your True Self
  • Work at what you love
  • Decide your work schedule and location
  • Work the way you want to
  • Define work/life satisfaction on your own terms
Enjoy Building a Business
  • Be productive
  • Develop a broad range of business skills
  • Outsource tasks you don’t like or aren’t good at
  • Determine your own income
Save Money
  • No office rent to pay
  • No commute to dread
  • No fancy wardrobe to buy
  • Tax deductions
And yet…
  • Do you miss your work friends?
  • Is it hard to stay motivated?
  • Are you missing out on things, being on your own?
  • Do you wish someone noticed when you do something particularly brilliant?
  • How do you organize all the information you need to keep up with?
  • Can you stay focused despite interruptions and distractions?
  • How can you get everything done that you need to?

Even when you love working from home, there are challenges.

This book shows you how to work through 4 of the 10 most common reasons small businesses fail.